Handle Hygiene

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Stop the spread of infection from hard surfaces like door handles using the Handle Hygiene Sanitising System. It is clinically proven to reduce contamination to negligible levels.  

Safety: Aides the fight against the spread of infection and cross contamination.

Automatically Sanitises Door Handles: Handle Hygiene is automatically activated when the door opens and closes. On closing the door it will spray the handle, with it's state of the art alcohol free sanitiser.

Easy to Install: Handle Hygiene fits easily on to doors. It is attached to a hard surface using a patch adhesive or you can choose to screw it into place.

Always Working: You don't have to worry about it running out of power as it requires no batteries or power supply.

*Please note sanitiser cartridges are not included. To complete the Handle Hygiene Sanitising System you can buy Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge.