How Handle Hygiene Works

How the Handle Hygiene Unit Works?

The Handle Hygiene unit automatically sanitises door handles. The unit is activated when the door closes triggering an atomiser to spray sanitiser on to the door handle. It also sprays a small amount of sanitiser on the person's hand. This leaves the door handle safe for others to touch. 

Handle Hygiene disinfects door handles each time the door is used which prevents the spread of infections like Coronavirus.

It is easily installed using an adhesive patch  or you can screw it into place. 

The Handle Hygiene unit dimensions are:

220mm H X 120mm W X 31mm D

Weight: 420gm without the sanitiser fluid.


How the Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge Works?

The Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge is easily installed inside the Handle Hygiene unit. There is no need to unscrew or take apart the unit when adding or replacing the Sanitiser Cartridge.

The Sanitiser Cartridge will emit approx. 0.05ml of sanitiser each time the door is used. This means that each Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge will disinfect the door handle 4,000 times. Therefore average usage will require 1 Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge per month.

How Effective is the Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Fluid?

The sanitiser in the Sanitiser Cartridge kills 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus etc.

It is also alcohol free. Alcohol free sanitiser does not dry out or irritate hands.

Our sanitiser has residual properties, which means they stay active for up to 4 hours after use unlike alcohol sanitisers, which stop been effective once the alcohol dries which is practically immediately.

Handle Hygiene is Environmentally Friendly

Handle Hygiene is 100% recyclable

We all know how important our environment is. While our job is to help stop cross contamination of germs and to keep people safe, we also want to be kind to the environment. With this in mind the Handle Hygiene unit and the Handle Hygiene Sanitiser Cartridge are 100% recyclable.