How to Change Handle Hygiene Cartridge

Each Handle Hygiene Cartridge lasts approximately 4,000 sprays. When the cartridge is empty, it is very quick and easy to change the cartridge. The below video is really useful to show you how to change the cartridge:



How to change the Handle Hygiene Sanitizer Cartridge:

Hold the door ajar when changing the cartridge.

Step 1: Use the key, supplied with your unit, to take the cover off.

Step 2: Remove the old cartridge. This cartridge is recyclable.

Step 3: Take the lid of your new Handle Hygiene cartridge.

Step 4: Place it on the back plate.

Step 5: Ensure the spray head is in place *it goes the opposite side to the switch/trigger mechanism.

Step 6: Put the Handle hygiene unit cover back on. Please note there are two prongs on the top of the cover that fit into the top of the back plate.

Troubleshooting for Changing a Handle Hygiene Cartridge:

  • If the spray is not working check to see that you have taken off the lid of the cartridge.
  • If the cover will not fit back on properly, check to see if the nozzle is clipped into place and it is the opposite side of trigger or switch.